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PFAS: statewide chemical action plan, alternatives assessment, and policy development

The Policy Team is engaging with the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) on its work regarding PFAS. PFAS are a group of per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances. They are toxic substances manufactured for coatings and products that are resistant to oil, stains, grease, and water. Examples of PFAS are Gore-Tex, Teflon, and firefighting foam. PFAS are a probable carcinogen, with links to high cholesterol, thyroid disease, and reproductive effects.  

The Washington State Department of Ecology is developing a Chemical Action Plan to address PFAS, and the Haz Waste Program was invited to join the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The Policy Team provided well-received input on PFAS' reach and impact, with a particular focus on the impacts on underserved populations. The draft Chemical Action Plan is scheduled to be released in early 2020 with an adoption of the final plan in the fall of 2020.
Ecology is also conducting an Alternatives Assessment for PFAS found in food containers. The Policy Team is actively reviewing this assessment and will attend meetings, provide input, and monitor the process.

Current status: Advocating. 

For more information, contact Tristan Gardner.
Phone: 206-263-0400