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Paint stewardship

The new Architectural Paint Stewardship Program (RCW 70.375) will be implemented in Washington state in 2020. Our program staff helped support this new law that passed the 2019 legislative session and served as chair of the Northwest Product Stewardship Council paint subcommittee. This program requires paint manufacturers to assume responsibility for the development and implementation of a cost-effective paint stewardship program.

The creation of a product stewardship program for paint is a major win for public health and the environment. Leftover latex paint is a resource that can be recycled and made into new paint, and very few jurisdictions in Washington state are collecting it because of the high cost of recycling and management. Paint also presents health and safety risks, especially to workers in the solid waste industry. It can also leak into water sources when it is disposed of in landfills. The paint program will help minimize these risks by providing convenient and safe recycling, reuse, and disposal solutions for leftover paint. 

An assessment on the purchase price of paint will fund the paint program. Participation by paint product producers is mandatory. The new bill mandates that retailers may not sell paint products from producers who do not participate in the program. The program is expected to start in November of 2020. 

Current status: Implementation. 

For more information, contact Ashley Pedersen.
Phone: 206-477-3761