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Incentives and grants

As a King County business, you have access to many resources to help you save money and protect workers and the environment. From financial assistance, to the cost-saving materials exchange and EnviroStars recognition, we can help you safely manage your hazardous materials.

Receive cash back for improvements

Your eligible business can receive up to $599 cash back for hazardous waste improvements that protect your workers and the environment.

Reimbursement is available for lab testing, disposal and recycling, equipment and process changes (including secondary containment, spill control, and substitution of less toxic materials), and protective equipment for employees.

To qualify, your business must:

Be located in King County



less than 220 lbs (about 25 gallons) of hazardous waste per month



less than 2.2 lbs (about a quart) of acutely hazardous waste per month



less than 2,200 lbs (about four 55-gallons drums) of hazardous waste


Ready to get started? Schedule an on-site consultation at no charge and no obligation by emailing or calling 206-296-4692.

Get recognized

For any business, it’s important to save money and resources while protecting the environment and public health. It’s also great to be recognized for doing so.

Become an EnviroStars business

EnviroStars is a free program that offers resources and incentives to businesses who take action to protect health and the environment. As an EnviroStars business, you’ll learn to operate more efficiently, strengthen your bottom line, improve employee health and productivity, and gain recognition for environmental and community leadership.

For more information or to start the application, visit the EnviroStars website or call 1-877-220-7827.

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