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Safer alternatives to hazardous products

What makes a product hazardous?

A product is hazardous if it contains ingredients that make it flammable, reactive, corrosive, or poisonous. If a product is hazardous, one of these words will appear on the front or back label: caution, warning, danger, or poison

How to buy safer alternatives to hazardous household products

Carefully read the product label.

  • Products that are safer do NOT have the words caution, warning, danger, or poison
  • Products that are somewhat harmful have the words caution or warning
  • Products that are the most harmful are labeled DANGER and POISON and should be avoided

Help for natural, pesticide-free yard and garden care

Not sure how to get started on a natural garden? Visit the Garden Hotline website or call 206-633-0224 for free expert help with gardening questions. 

The Garden Hotline offers safe, practical, and effective solutions to garden problems. Their experts can help residents and landscape professionals reduce waste, conserve water and resources, and minimize chemical use. 

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