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6 short hazardous waste-related films to add to your summer watch list

An illustration of people sitting in a city park at night in front of a large movie screen that reads "movie night."

From family-friendly outdoor movie nights to the blockbuster with friends, the summer months offer people of all ages plenty of movie-watching opportunities.

Whether you’re sitting down to watch a movie outside, in a theater, or the comfort of your own home, channel your movie-watching energy to tune in to our hazardous waste “summer watch list” below, where we share what we’re watching and our “can’t miss” videos related to hazardous waste.

Factoria household hazardous waste drop-off facility tour
When you drive up to a hazardous waste drop-off facility, please do NOT drive fast (nor furiously). You also may want to know what else to expect when it comes to bringing your waste in for collection at a disposal site. Take a virtual drive around just one of our Program’s many shining stars, the Factoria drop-off facility, and follow the process of safely disposing your hazardous waste.

Haz Waste Business Services Introduction
A good solo act is rare – and unforgettable! Meet Otto Mobeel, mechanic and small business owner (and celebrated actor), as he walks you through what resources are available for small business owners around our region to dispose of the hazardous waste they produce.

Re+: Reinventing the waste system, transitioning to a sustainable economy
While King County has achieved one of the highest recycling rates in the U.S., nearly 70% of materials brought to our regional landfill could be reused, recycled, or composted, rather than buried as greenhouse gas-generating waste. Learn about King County Solid Waste Division’s Re+ program working to turn that around. It’s a tale of collective action to address a regional problem. And it’s truly inspiring.

Meet the Stream Team
Despite the bugs, this is no horror movie. It’s actually quite the opposite. Behind the more than 200 flowing waterways of King County are a group of talented scientists known as the Stream Team - and the bugs they track each year. The bugs tell an important story about the health of our region’s waters. Let our Stream Team show you.

Seattle Public Utilities’ Ask Evelyn, Episode 16: Clearing the Air – Dealing with hazardous chemicals in your home
All around you, hazardous chemicals lie in wait, lurking in our home garages and closets while presenting potential hazards to our personal health and the health of our environment. What to do? The mystery may seem daunting, but our Program’s very own Julie Mitchell is here to help you solve it!

Public Health - Seattle + King County - Data and the CHNA
Climate change is a broad issue that has very real impacts in communities on the ground in our region. In this explainer video, our Program partners at Public Health – Seattle + King County break some of this data down to illustrate approaches to understanding health disparities in King County.

Bust out your favorite popcorn toppings and take some time to watch these six short videos along with us this summer. You’ll learn about hazardous waste and how to protect your health from toxic exposures at the same time.

Want to get creative? Host your own hazardous waste film festival! Invite your friends and family to watch these short videos with you and discuss ways to take action around hazardous waste in your homes or community. You could even have your own “awards show” and vote for your favorite of these films, too!

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