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Helping small businesses manage haz waste during uncertain times

Two Business Service Team staff wearing masks are sitting six feet apart while working during COVID-19

As businesses across King County face waves of economic change due to the pandemic, Hazardous Waste Management Program’s (Haz Waste Program) business service team is acting quickly to meet the needs of local businesses who want to continue good hazardous material management.  

At the start of the pandemic, many King County facilities closed to the public and in-person services were restricted. Haz Waste Program’s Business Services had to suspend its on-site visits to small businesses that needed help with managing their hazardous materials.  

“We didn’t stop offering services. We made a fast shift to phone-only services and started to assess business improvements around hazardous waste in new and different ways,” said Business Services team member, Sue Hamilton. “We were still able to offer tangible help like vouchers for hazardous waste management improvements and personal protective gear to help with environmental, health, and safety improvements.” 

Hamilton noted that the pandemic adds another level of challenge and financial burden for many King County businesses that are already working hard to run their businesses and manage their hazardous waste. 

“It’s tough for [businesses] right now. They are dealing with issues with social distancing for their customers and employees. They are trying to figure out the regulations and constantly changing requirements around COVID and determining what level of operation they are permitted to do. They are doing this while still trying to run their business,” she said. 

So far this year, the Haz Waste Program has provided $58,330.60 to local King County businesses through vouchers to make improvements. To date, businesses have spent $35,636.46 on equipment purchases, $22, 221.73 for hazardous waste disposal from their businesses, and $480.41 on lab services.  

The Business Services Team’s on-site visits are now back under the guide of new safety procedures that include precautions around COVID-19. However, businesses still will have the option to access services remotely to get help with vouchers, recommendations on less toxic product options, and gaining recognition through the statewide EnviroStars program.  

To contact Haz Waste Program’s Business Services, including scheduling a consultation, visit our Business Incentives and Grants page


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