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Take charge of your old batteries

A cluster of batteries of all shapes and sizes.

Recycle batteries safely to protect the environment and give them a new life.

The holiday season often brings an influx of new electronics and, along with that, batteries. When your batteries run out, don’t just throw them away – recycle them! Recycling batteries is good for the environment and helps conserve natural resources. Batteries are made from a variety of chemicals, plastics, and heavy metals that can be harmful to the environment. They can even cause fires if improperly disposed!

Recycling batteries not only ensures their safe disposal but allows their metals to be repurposed to make new products like golf clubs, appliances, and new batteries. All of which helps contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Next time your batteries run out – don’t throw them in the trash. Drop them off at a collection site. The Hazardous Waste Management Program accepts any of the following types of batteries:

  • Alkaline
  • Button
  • Removable cellphone batteries
  • Laptop
  • Lead-acid
  • Rechargeable
  • Car batteries

More information about collection site locations and drop off limits* can be found on our website. And you have options: if it’s more convenient, batteries are also accepted for recycling through the Call2Recycle and E-Cycle Washington programs. Wherever you drop off your batteries, make sure to tape the ends of the batteries to reduce the risk of fire.

A cartoon battery stands smiling with evergreen trees and a mountain in the background.

Find out more about battery recycling by watching our video.

Battery recycling will soon become even easier! Recent passage of the state’s first battery stewardship program will require battery manufacturers to set up a collection network in Washington state for safe, convenient battery recycling. The law will go into effect in 2027. 

* - Limit 5 lead acid auto or marine batteries per visit. Maximum for a single non-auto or marine battery is 25 lbs. (lithium, other rechargeables or alkaline). 50 lb. weight limit for any combination of non-auto batteries per visit. Batteries from electric vehicles are not accepted.

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