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Safer alternatives strategy

On April 19, 2018, the King County Board of Health unanimously passed a Safer Alternatives Resolution (Resolution No. 18-07). The resolution supports the Hazardous Waste Management Program’s work to prioritize chemicals of concern, identify safer alternatives, and help businesses and residents make safer chemical choices. The Policy Program encourages adoption of safer alternatives through incentives and regulations.

As a part of this work, we are developing a “safer alternatives framework” to help identify safer alternatives to hazardous products and the benefits of using them. In 2019, we conducted a needs assessment within the Haz Waste Program and engaged stakeholders through meetings with practitioners, a written survey, and building working relationships.

In 2020, the Policy Team will be focused on implementing the following goals and recommendations:

- Increase the adoption of safer alternatives and avoid regrettable substitution.
- Create a uniform system for the Haz Waste Program to select safer alternatives and store the results.
- Promote interagency partnerships and systems change.
- Ensure that this project is developed and executed using a racial equity lens.

Current status: Ongoing.

For more information, contact Ashley Pedersen.
Phone: 206-477-3761