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Public review period for the Haz Plan Update: July 19 - August 16

Three Haz Waste Program staff members wearing hard hats and vests at the Factoria collection site

We want to hear from YOU!

At the King County Hazardous Waste Management Program (Haz Waste Program), we’re updating our 10-year plan. The 2021 Plan will provide a blueprint for how the Haz Waste Program will work to reduce toxic exposures to people and the environment in King County.

Our Plan is available for public review and comment. We invite you to review our 2021 Plan, and greatly appreciate your feedback. Please visit to see the 2021 Plan, provide comments, and share your overall input on the Plan.

Help build a healthy future!

We’re working toward a shared vision: a Puget Sound region that’s the cleanest in the country, free from hazardous chemical exposure. Your input is critical to building towards this shared future together. Please review our 10-year plan update and let us know how we can best serve you and the members of your community!

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