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2022 WA State Legislative Session: Haz Waste Preview

An image of 2 buildings, one is the Olympia, Washington state legislature building, with a pond reflecting the buildings in the foreground

What Haz Waste is Watching Heading into 2022

The Washington State Legislature will convene for its Regular Session on January 10, 2022. And with it, the Hazardous Waste Management Program’s Policy and Planning team is gearing up for another year of working alongside partners in government and local, regional, and national organizations to achieve change and support inclusive planning and policy development.  

Collectively, the team works to improve policies and regulations that impact the creation, use, and end-of-life management of hazardous products. Much of the Policy and Planning team's work focuses on product stewardship, or extended producer responsibility (EPR).

As part of its work, the Policy and Planning team also monitors upcoming issues and pieces of legislation related to any sort of hazardous waste or product stewardship issue.

Looking ahead toward Washington’s 2022 legislative session, the Policy and Planning team is tracking the following bills as of January 5: 

  • SB 5480: Concerning the use and disclosure of toxic chemicals in cosmetic products.
  • SB 5942: Providing for the recycling of wind turbines.
  • SB 5526: Studying the global availability of lithium and rare earth minerals for battery manufacturing.
  • HB 1694: Concerning logistical processes for the regulation of priority chemicals in consumer products.

The team is expecting a battery product stewardship bill as well as other extended producer responsibility bills to emerge in the coming weeks. As the 2022 session progresses, stay tuned for additional updates from the Policy and Planning team and visit our website for more information on other key issues we are tracking in Washington state. 



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